The companies that require separate Licenses are as follows:

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BMW of North America Diagnostic Data License Information

The enhanced diagnostic scan tool information package is intended for a scan tool manufacturer seeking the opportunity to license to use the information therein. Contained in this package is the same information BMW's own diagnostic tool uses use for communications with control units installed on BMW vehicles, for automated diagnostic routines, and for display of informational graphics. The information can be used to construct an aftermarket diagnostics-capable scan tool that is functionally equivalent to the OEM equipment.

The information package consists of the following:

·         Control unit description files  (SGBD files),

·         Control unit communication,

·         Trouble codes,

·         Diagnostic specifications,

·         Functional descriptions,

·         Component descriptions (and photos),

·         Wiring diagrams


The information applies to all US vehicle systems, from 1996 to present.

You will have the opportunity to obtain from BMW NA a perpetual, limited, non-exclusive license to the Enhanced Diagnostic Information Compact Disc Package, for the purpose of building add-on or dedicated tools functionally equivalent to BMW’s scan tool. This license will provide you with the right to view and study all of the information provided, to copy the information as necessary for internal purposes, and to then use the information to produce and sell diagnostic tools that communicate with BMW automobiles, with some notable exceptions listed below.

This license will not include the right to reproduce and exploit for any purpose the copyrighted text and graphics (photos, component locations, schematics, connector views, desired values, and functional tests) contained in the Vehicle Related Content sections. Also, this initial license prohibits the sharing of this information with other individuals, or any automobile manufacturers, without express written consent of BMW NA.

Engineering support is not available with a purchase of the license. It is the responsibility of the scan tool manufacturer to translate, interpret, and develop their own systems.

The initial license will require you to:

·         Pay a one-time, non-refundable license fee of $25,000, plus an additional $2000 for each annual (purchase of updates not mandatory)(Pricing is determined by BMW and is subject to change.  Please contact BMW for accurate pricing);

·         Indemnify BMW NA against misuse or misapplication of the information;

·         Obtain general liability insurance in the amount of $5 million, such coverage naming BMW NA as an additional insured, plus Errors and Omissions coverage;

·         Provide BMW NA with a representation that you will not disclose the terms and content of the Enhanced Diagnostic Information Compact Disc Package to any entities other than your own or to persons other than those who are charged with using and implementing its contents;

·         Return to BMW NA all copies of older releases of the Enhanced Diagnostic Information Compact Disc Package, until such a time as your company begins developing an add-on or dedicated diagnostic tool based on this information.

If you would like to enter into agreement to license the above data please click here to fill out the form and return to BMW for review.

Chrysler only charges for information on 2009 models and newer. Click here to view the license agreement and procedures

ETI membership is required in order to license Chrysler data.
Cummins Engine

Contact Larry Lovejoy at

Most Ford data stream information is included in ETI Scan Tool Group membership.  Special services that require a security algorithm require a special license.  
For information please contact Catherine Hagemeyer, Licensing Manager, Ford Technical Service Operations (TSO’s) at (313) 845-4032 or at

General Motors
General Motors data stream license costs $50,000 per year.  ETI provides contact information so that you can apply for a license.  Please direct any inquiries to Jean Peltier by  clicking here.
Honda / Acura
Thank you for your interest in becoming a licensee of Honda/Acura data stream information.

The Honda/Acura data stream information is the property of Honda Motor Company, Ltd. American Honda acts as an intermediary, if needed, to facilitate communications between you and the Honda contact in Japan.

To become a licensee, review these three points:

  • Review the terms and conditions of the Honda/Acura Data Stream License/Contract. To view the License/Contract, click on the icon at the bottom of this page. Before signing the agreement, we recommend that you review the License/ Contract with a key member of your legal staff.
  • Be prepared to provide proof of adequate liability insurance for you company.
  • Understand that there is an annual licensing fee.  Once your payment is received and your license is granted, you will have immediate access to the Honda/Acura data stream information. To prevent your license from expiring, make sure to submit your annual payment on or before the renewal date.
Questions regarding the contract or licensing are normally handled directly between yourself and a contact person at Honda Motor Company in Japan. To continue and complete the licensing process, please contact:
Hideyuki Tsuchikiri
Honda Motor Co., Ltd
Maintenance & Troubleshooting Technology Development Department
Service Technology Development Division

Yoshinobu Tada
Honda Motor Co., Ltd
Maintenance & Troubleshooting Technology Development Department
Service Technology Development Division

If you have any difficulty contacting Honda in Japan, please use this American Honda contact:
Terence Vance
Special Tools
American Honda Motor Co., Inc
Tel. 310-781-5949

Click Here to download and view the sample agreement.
The Data Stream Specifications may only be used in connection with the development of diagnostic service tools that are intended for use in a service shop setting.  Any other use of the Data Stream Specifications, in any other type of device or for any other purpose, is strictly prohibited.

For medium duty trucks only.  Isuzu no longer sells SUVs in the United States.

Isuzu requires that you fill out an agreement.  Click here to download the agreement.  They also require liability insurance.  The specifics of the insurance requirements are listed in the agreement.  Two copies of the agreement and proof of insurance should be sent to:

The Equipment & Tool Institute
37899 W. 12 Mile Rd., Suite 220
Farmington Hills, MI 48331
ETI will forward everything to Isuzu

There is no charge for this license.

Please direct any inquiries to Jean Peltier by  clicking here.

Mack Trucks

Send an email to ETI requesting more information -

Porsche provides the possibility of licensing enhanced data stream information for emission-related control modules only. This includes bi-directional data stream information for emission-related diagnostic procedures, including; engine, transmission, high-voltage battery (hybrid vehicles), high-voltage power electronics (hybrid vehicles) and transaxle control modules.

ETI membership is required in order to license Porsche data and proof of membership along with business information must be provided to Porsche.

Please contact Porsche Cars North America, Inc. at the following location if you have any questions:

Regulatory Affairs Department
Porsche Cars North America, Inc.
980 Hammond Drive, Suite 1000
Atlanta, GA 30328

(770) 290 – 3540


The Data Stream information provided will be limited to use in devices exchanging only those electronic messages with an electronic control unit (“ECU”) on-board a U.S. specification Subaru vehicle needed for purposes of performing diagnosis, analysis, test and repair of the U.S. specification Subaru vehicle.  See EXHIBIT A on the agreement.

Subaru requires that you fill out a licensing agreement to receive data stream information.  Click here for Subaru data stream license agreement As of 2/2017 the cost for this license is $5,000 per year.

The annual License Fee shall be paid by check, in United States currency, made payable and sent to:

The Equipment & Tool Institute
37899 W. 12 Mile Rd., Suite 220
Farmington Hills, MI 48331

ETI will then deposit the check in a special Subaru account.  (None of this money goes to ETI. We are merely a facilitator acting on behalf of our members.  This keeps costs down).  We then forward the licensing agreement to Subaru for further processing along with our endorsement that you are a member in good standing.

We will then activate your log-ins on the TEK-NET Library so that you will have access to the data.

Use the link below to get to the Suzuki data stream license page.  As of 8/10/2011 the cost for this license is $1,000 per year.  Click Here

Volvo Automobiles

Volvo requires that you fill out a licensing agreement to receive data stream information. For additional information or a copy of Volvo’s licensing agreement please send inquiries to: 

Volvo Trucks

Send an email to ETI requesting more information -

VW / Audi / Bentley
For information regarding scan tool data licensing for VW, Audi and Bentley vehicles contact:Bosch Automotive Service Solutions at: Or Janice Mondary at: 1+ (586) 578-7448
The data includes ODX containers for the following:
  • Bi-directional data stream information for emission related diagnostic procedures, including engine, transmissions and transaxle control modules for 2009-2014 model year vehicles
  • Bi-directional data steam information for non-emission related diagnostic procedures for most Body, Chassis and Networking control modules for 2009-2014 model year vehicles
ETI ODX-Viewer for VW/Audi/Bentley
General Agreement
Every ETI scan tool member (Member) is allowed to obtain one ETI ODX-Viewer evaluation license at no charge from RA Consulting.
The Member has to apply for the free evaluation license (click here to download form).
VWGoA provides ODX-files/-containers/derivatives through a separate licensing program (see above).
RA Consulting distributes the ETI ODX-Viewer evaluation licenses.
The ETI ODX-Viewer evaluation license is good for the current calendar year and can be extended each calendar year by contacting RA Consulting. On the first of January each year there will be a new release published and available to registered users upon request, via download.
First level support is provided by VWGoA.
Additional licenses must be purchased from RA directly. Use the following link or phone:
Help desk +49 7251 386215 (German company so German office hours apply)
Members must apply using an application form. The application form will be downloaded from ETI’s website. (click here to download application form).
ETI then requests acceptance from VWGoA on the Member’s behalf.
ETI informs Member of acceptance or denial.
ETI requests delivery of software from RA Consulting
RA consulting delivers license directly to the Member.
Licensees will be reminded by ETI staff each December that they are required to update their ETI ODX-Viewer software and license.


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