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ETI is one of the most respected trade associations in the automotive aftermarket, giving fair and equitable representation to all segments of the equipment and tool industry. The Institute is an association of automotive tool and equipment manufacturers and technical information providers and training organizations. Working together closely and sharing information, we are committed to five key goals:

To advance the productivity, profitability and growth of the automotive service industry by ensuring that the nation's service bays are the best equipped, and its technicians are the most highly-trained and thoroughly-informed in the world.
To provide technical training information, as well as marketing guidance, to the end user...thus providing strength and guidance to the customer base.
To stimulate feedback from users to manufacturers, thus promoting product improvement.

To provide members an ongoing stream of current and advanced specialized technological information through planned, cooperative dialog with vehicle manufacturers.

To provide industry leadership by cooperating with legislators -- and regulatory agencies -- in pursuit of environmentally sound, safe and efficient programs.

Today, ETI meets the needs of a diverse industry. Its members’ products range from high tech diagnostic tools to traditional hand tools. The two annual Tech Weeks continue to grow, both in attendance and numbers of OEMs participating. Its annual Tech Weeks forge strong relationships with the OEMs, which facilitate the exchange of information between the carmakers, tool manufacturers and service providers.

ETI membership benefits, events, and services are tailored to meet the needs of all tool and equipment makers – whether manufacturers of highly technical diagnostic equipment or hand-tools, a large manufacturer or a small- to mid-sized business.

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Vertical groups are the heart of the organization. ETI is more than just scan tools. We cover all aspects of automotive repair. Vertical Groups allow members to discuss common problems and to examine the most current and pertinent technical information in specific areas of interest, including:

Scan Tool Group (STG) - Involved in all aspects of scan tools and reprogramming tools.  The Scan Tool Group has one subcommittee under it.
Telematics Subcommittee
Mechanical Systems Group (MSG) - Involved in non scan tool equipment issues. The Mechanical Systems Group has three subcommittees under it.
I/M Subcommittee - specifically involved in regulated I/M equipment issues

Hybrid Vehicle Subcommittee

Air Conditioning Subcommittee
Collision Repair Group (CRG) - Collision Repair equipment including frame straightening, welding and painting equipment

Service Information Group (SIG) - Electronic repair manuals and electronic shop management software.

The Institute maintains close working relationships with government agencies and other associations, such as the National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF), the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Through these relationships, ETI has been at the forefront in ensuring that OEM information regarding on-board diagnostics are available to tool and equipment manufacturers and third party information providers.

ETI played a major role in negotiating portions of the EPA’s service information access rule released in 2003.

Provided comments to the CARB concerning their information access rulemaking that resulted in equipment companies and third-party information providers being added as “covered persons.”

Co-developed the “OBD I/M Testing Flowchart,” a recommended practices document that CARB endorsed in 2002. This document was updated in 2009

Created the scan tool section of NASTF’s OE service information matrix in 2002 including updates every year since.

Summer Tech Week

Summer Tech Week is held each June. 70 ETI engineers and product managers meet with key individuals from GM, Ford, Chrysler, VW/Audi and other manufacturers to discuss new systems and the tools and equipment that will be needed to service them. Summer Tech Week (STW) was started as a joint venture between ETI and the Automakers in the early 1980’s. Automakers recognized the need for a forum to communicate new information and tool requirements to the manufactures of tools and equipment that are used to service their vehicles. The main focus of STW is to ensure that the proper tools, equipment, and information are in the shops by the time the new models hit the streets.

ETI members come to Tech Week for one purpose: to get information. What information they are looking for and what they do with it is not as obvious. With such diverse product offerings, each company may use the information in a different way than any other.

Summer Tech Week also provides an opportunity to ensure that everything is updated for models that have already been released.

Winter Tech Week

Winter Tech Week is held each December and we alternate locations yearly between Japan and the United States. For the past twenty years, the Equipment and Tool Institute and the major Japanese automakers, represented by JAMA, have presented Winter Tech Week undefined a forum to communicate new information and tool requirements for servicing new and future vehicles.

Each year, Winter Tech Week provides OEMs undefined engineers and designers undefined and ETI companies undefined the makers of tools and equipment undefined an opportunity to meet and collaborate.

Through OEM presentations, panel discussions and hands-on demonstrations, these professionals discuss the upcoming service needs of new makes and models, and the changes necessary in the tool and equipment industry to meet those needs. Current OEM participants include Hino, Honda, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Fuso, Nissan, Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries), Suzuki Toyota and Kia.

The main focus of ETI Winter Tech Week is to ensure that the proper tools, equipment and information are available to repair shops by the time the new models are on the streets. It also is an opportunity to make certain that ETI companies are up-to-date on information regarding running changes on existing models.


The Equipment and Tool Institute’s Spring ToolTech conference is an unparalleled opportunity for companies to promote themselves, their capabilities, their products, and to network with industry insiders that make, sell, represent or buy automotive tools and equipment. It is also an exclusive gateway for buyers in the vehicle service industry to meet with the key companies in the marketplace. Attendees include OEMs, tool and equipment companies, national chain stores, large suppliers, dealer groups, distributors, manufacturer reps, and many other industry professionals.

ToolTech focuses solely on automotive-related tool and equipment companies and the individuals at the forefront of the industry. More than 140 professionals representing nearly 60 companies attend and network with industry peers, meet potential customers and potential product providers, confer with clients, convene in structured one-on-one meetings, and gain valuable insights from presentations by industry leaders.

There is no other forum offered like this for our segment of the industry and attendance is advantageous whether you are a purchaser of tools and equipment, an OEM, a mass merchandiser, a fleet representative, distributor, or manufacturer, company showcase exhibitor, or there to take advantage of the unique networking opportunities to meet and greet executives from throughout the automotive industry.


ETI’s TEK-NET Library is an invaluable, up-to-date repository of past, current and advanced vehicle specification information for members.

Access to the Library is restricted according to company size:

                Small companies: 2 registrants
                Medium companies: 3 registrants
                Large companies:  4 registrants

The TEK-NET Library is information we request from all OEMs. The information is provided in all kinds of formats and data structure. ETI does not edit the material for any specific purpose.

The TEK-NET Library contains documentation that provides specifications and data to perform vehicle control module diagnostics for hand-held scan tools including:

Specifications for diagnostic connector pins used per unique system, and what they’re used for (Physical Layer).

Specifications for communication protocols used (Network Layer).

Application Data – Data that defines all valid Vehicle-Control Module-Variant applications

DTC Data – Services/Commands/Data to request and display Diagnostic Trouble Codes Parameters Data – Services/Commands/Data to request and display Live Data Parameters

Activation Data – Services/Commands/Data to request and perform activation's (Actuators)

Test Routines Data – Services/Commands/Data to request and perform Test Routines Physical layer data link specifications for OBD systems. This includes description of and definition for the data link physical layer.

Protocol specifications for OBD systems. This includes description of and definition for the communication protocol.

Parametric data for OBD data display and activation. This includes DTC, data list, device control, and system test data stream specifications.

The Equipment and Tool Institute is an energetic and growing not-for-profit trade association consisting of the leading tool and equipment manufacturers for the automotive industry and the major providers of service information and specialized computer hardware and software systems. The ETI membership roster includes the biggest and best-known names in the industry, as well as numerous small and medium sized companies. 
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