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When will the equipment you just bought pay for itself? Go figure. No, we mean read this article and then go figure.

The question shop owners ask most frequently when purchasing automotive service equipment is: "How long will it take for this investment to pay for itself?" There are several ways to calculate your return on investment for automotive equipment. But before you get into the actual calculations, let's evaluate the human factor that plays an important part in the purchase of equipment. This human factor is called your Investment Success Quotient (ISQ). It is a measure of your desire and personal commitment to aggressively merchandise the service for which the equipment is being purchased. The Investment Success Quotient Test below will help you determine your ISQ:

Click here to take the brief Investment Success Quotient Test

ROI Calculators:

Here is a simple ROI Calculator best used for equipment that performs a specific task with a flat rate labor operation involved.  Examples include A/C recharging equipment, Fluid flushing and replacement equipment, alignment equipment, etc.

Here is a calculator specifically designed for A/C recovery and recycle Equipment.

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