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The Equipment and Tool Institute holds three educational events per year:

ToolTech is held in the spring. A one of a kind event; ToolTech focuses solely on automotive-related tool and equipment companies and the individuals at the forefront of the industry and technological advances.  Attendees come to ToolTech to network with industry insiders, peers, OEM personnel, and meet with key companies in the marketplace. Nowhere else can you find the networking, promotional opportunities and access to important information targeted specifically to the vehicle-related equipment and tool industry. 

Summer Tech Week is held each June.  ETI engineers and product managers meet with key individuals from GM, Ford, Chrysler, VW/Audi and other car makers to discuss new systems and the tools and equipment that will be needed to service them.  ETI's Tech Weeks are a unique opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with key OEM personnel that can be very valuable to you and your company. As a product manager or engineer involved in product design that requires specific automaker information, these instructive workshops are priceless.

Winter Tech Week is held toward the end of each year. This event alternates location between Japan and the United States.  Winter Tech Week provides ETI Members with the opportunity for dialogue with the OEM’s and to receive the necessary information to provide the needed tools and equipment.  ETI Members gain knowledge of new technologies that affect the aftermarket tool and equipment industry, receive instruction on the servicing and repair of new model vehicles, and learn of repair and service tools that may be needed for the new models.


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