Equipment and Tool Institute Announces 2017-2018 Officers and New Directors

08 May 2017 7:50 AM | Deleted user
ETI congratulates the new Officers and Board Members on their election or appointment to office for 2017-2018.

Officers (one year term)
President:  Brian Herron (Drew Technologies)
Vice President, Programs:  Jim Fish (Lemur Monitors)
Vice President, Marketing:  Kevin FitzPatrick (Farsight)
Secretary/Treasurer:  Robert Vogt (IOSiX)

Elected for a one year term on the Board of Directors:

Tim Morgan (Spanesi Americas)

Elected for a two year term on the Board of Directors:

Chuck Abbott (CPS Products)

Elected to a three year term on the Board of Directors:

Tom Bertosa (Bosch Automotive Service Solutions)
Andreas Huber (MAHLE Service Solutions)

Appointed to fill vacant seats for a one year term on the Board of Directors:

Ed Prange (Bosch Automotive Service Solutions)
Harlan Siegel (Launch Tech USA)

Remaining Board Members (not up for election)

Expiring in 2017-18
Neil Davis (Snap-on Diagnostics)
David Rich (Innova)

Expiring in 2018-2019

Peter Richardson (Car-O-Liner)

Founded in 1947, the Equipment and Tool Institute is a trade association of automotive tool and equipment manufacturers and technical information providers. ETI’s mission is to: Advance the vehicle service industry by providing technical data and open dialog between the manufacturers of transportation products, government regulators and the providers of tools, equipment and service information.

For more details about ETI programs and activities, contact Jessie Korosec, Marketing and Events Manager, Equipment and Tool Institute, 37899 12 Mile Rd, Suite 220, Farmington Hills, Michigan  48331. Phone: 248-656-5085; e-mail:


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