December 4-6, 2018
 Smyrna, Tennessee

Tech Week FAQ's

IMPORTANT: ETI's Tech Week events are restricted to full members who are current with membership dues and only full members affiliated with a particular vertical group are allowed to attend that vertical group's meetings unless a special invitation to attend has been extended by ETI staff. 

Attendees must sign for their badges at ETI Registration and wear them in order to be admitted to any ETI event.

The registration process, name badges, and bus transportation are ETI's method of assuring security during the ETI Tech Week events.

No members are to schedule any separate business meetings with OEM personnel during the three days of Tech Week. It is vital that all ETI participants attend the full OEM schedule on each day. Any deviation from this policy will be viewed as an ethics violation.

For data security reasons each OEM will only be providing one copy of their technical information to ETI. ETI will then distribute the information to each of you. Scan Tool data stream information will be distributed to the members of the Scan Tool Vertical Group only and are subject to the terms of any existing license requirements. All other information will be distributed to everyone.

Dress for the entire event is business casual. Please, no shorts, jeans, or t-shirts.

Remember that we are the guests of the OEMs. Please treat each OEM presenter with the utmost respect. 

Tech Week FAQs

We encourage you to register as soon as possible.

We will be sending out individual OEM agendas as we receive them. Check the website often to get the latest updates.

Each member COMPANY (not individual) must have a current Confidentiality Agreement on file with ETI before any employee from that company can attend. An authorized signer must email a signed copy to ETI. To download one of these forms for signature, please click here.

The Vertical Group Chairs and Greg Potter are handling content coordination directly with each OEM. If you have technical questions or topics that you would like presentations on, please contact Greg at 734-891-3816 or

Critiques: It is extremely important for EVERYONE to fill out critiques for each session. Your feedback is very important to us. We use these forms to continuously improve the events and to make sure you are all getting the information you want and need.

ETI DOES NOT handle hotel reservations. You should make your own reservations at the hotel.

The cost of $599 for the week includes the reception, all lunches and the appreciation dinner. If you want to attend the dinner only, the charge is $150. Spouses and significant others are welcome to attend the Appreciation Dinner for a charge of $150. All extra family members will need to pay $150.


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