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Spanesi Americas

Spanesi has a long and rich history of being at the forefront of innovation in the automotive repair industry.  

Spanesi was founded in 1989 by Orazio Spanesi and has become synonymous with constant growth and improvement.  Raised with an innate vocation for cars and mechanics, Orazio Spanesi’s dream started when he opened a body shop in a small town in the province of Padova Italy in 1969 after beginning his career as a panel beater in 1958.  Driven by his desire to learn everything there was to know about the industry, he began travelling, first around Italy, then around the world.  Spanesi came to realize the inadequacy of the repair systems in use at the time, which were too slow and too complicated and founded his own company to fill the void in the repair industry. Thanks to a series of astute technical insights, in just a few years Orazio Spanesi succeeded in developing a range of products that included the Spanesi universal jig and the totem lift that revolutionized the market and brought the brand success.

Today, Spanesi is a leading international producer of automotive repair equipment and continues to manufacture the most effective solutions to enable body shop technicians to perform repairs to a high standard of excellence.  Spanesi’s product lines include:  Straightening Benches. Minibenches, Touch Electronic Systems, Vacuum Systems, Welding Machines, Infrared Lamps, Lifts, Painting Tools, Spray Booth Equipment, and Manual, Pneumatic, Electric, and Hydraulic Tools.

Spanesi’s dedication to superior products starts with research & development to continually improve the quality and technology need for vehicle repair.  Being on the customer’s side is not just a slogan for Spanesi but a fact of daily life demonstrated by the company’s decision to keep a real body shop in operation alongside its production plant where each new prototype is taken for testing with modifications that improve efficiency, optimize times, and simplify procedures.  This is the site of the real “field testing” that guarantees the exceptional Spanesi performance and continuous innovation.  The satisfaction of all the technicians around the world who use these products everyday is testament to Spanesi’s higher levels of quality, competitiveness, and professional expertise.

Production quality can be checked at any time thanks to a widespread organization and the constant contact Spanesi maintains with its dealers around the world. Spanesi’s renowned customer care and ongoing training enables technicians to guarantee their own customers faster and more efficient service while making Spanesi the landmark brand in the sector.  In 2005, Spanesi added a second factory that mirrors the Padova factory and is located in China to serve the Asian market.  And now with the opening of Spanesi Americas that will focus directly on North and South America marketing to meet the needs of its current and future customers, Spanesi has poised itself to be able to support the global market.

Spanesi also assists in the planning and layout of body shops from concept to complete design.  The Spanesi team’s direct experience in car repair facilitates solutions that reflect the essential elements of a modern, efficient, and productive shop.

Spanesi Americas is a company created with the same passion and expertise Spanesi SpA has become known for in the rest of the world since 1989.  Spanesi Americas’ mission is to bring new products and technologies to body shops in the Americas to enable technicians to perform repairs to a high standard of excellence.  

“Working internationally I noticed Spanesi’s simple technical approach to equipment and repairs.  This, coupled with the passion Orazio Spanesi and his family have for the collision business, has inspired me to head this project. Over the past couple years, I have been looking for that ‘new’ approach to the collision equipment industry while assisting a companies that needed leadership and stability. I am now proud to be a part of the Spanesi family. Spanesi has been offering their ‘Touch’ Computerized Measuring in North America for years with success, now it’s time for the rest of the product line to shine,” states Timothy Morgan, Managing Director, Spanesi Americas.

Headquartered in the Chicago, Illinois area, the new Spanesi Americas subsidiary will be complete with corporate offices, training center/ showroom highlighting Spanesi product and warehouse offering the complete product range including the ‘turn key’ equipment needs of any collision center, or just the necessary items to improve the efficiency and competency.

“I have personally been involved in ETI for more than 15 years and I’m excited to bring Spanesi Americas into the Institute.  Networking through ETI is an effective way to gain access to OEMs and industry professionals, ToolTech gives us exposure for our products, and the Collision Repair Vertical Group provides us input into industry issues and ensures that our products are of the highest quality.  Membership in ETI and being on Board of Directors is an invaluable opportunity,” said Morgan.

There are no secrets behind Spanesi success, just one rule behind every choice: be a technician, think like a technician, and gear your products to technicians. Equipment designed by technicians for use by technicians.

It makes no difference where you start: if you want to go far, you need a dream in which you believe with all your might. Orazio Spanesi is the proof.


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