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Worth Your Time
Discussion Groups provide unexpected insights, takeaways and "ah-ha" moments
Contributed by Bob Chabot

ToolTech has always been the Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI) event that offers attendees-OEMs, tool and equipment companies, suppliers, educators, shop owners, dealers, technicians and other professionals-unparalleled and unique opportunities to network. In step with this year’s theme, Innovation Ahead, ETI debuted a new opportunity, namely Discussion Groups.    Read More

Feedback Facilitates Better Products
Technicians are the end-users of our tools and equipment. Shouldn’t we listen better?
Contributed by Bob Chabot

For the equipment and tool manufacturers that comprise ETI, shop owners and technicians collectively account for a major segment of our customer base. One challenge we face is how to meaningfully avoid a “failure to communicate” moment with them. In other words, do we take to time to listen and address their concerns well enough and then act on the input they provide? Hearing what they say to us matters. So does acting on what they share.  Read More

The Challenge of An Ever-Changing Aftermarket
How do you keep up with increasingly complex technologies and developments?
Contributed by Bob Chabot

Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI) member companies face new technology challenges every year. ToolTech is one of the time-tested and market-proven events, along with the annual Summer Tech and Winter Tech week events, that allows ETI members, automakers, service and repair professionals, third-party information providers, educators, regulators, trade media and other interested parties to meet, share and learn about inbound technologies and industry developments. This meeting of the minds allows attendees to discern opportunities that lay within the challenges, developments and trends shared.  Read More

Register Now For Summer Tech Week
June 10-13, 2013
Detroit, Michigan

For the past 33 years one of the ways ETI has been meeting this goal is by conducting formal workshops held once a year with each automobile manufacturer, featuring presentations, discussions and participation in hands-on demonstrations.  These meetings have been grouped together, where possible, into week long sessions known as Tech Weeks. Tech Weeks are the best time to ask the automakers questions about the data they provide and learn about the new models and systems.  These meetings are a significant benefit of ETI membership.  Read More

Messages From ETI Leadership

We Hear You

By Jessie Korosec, ETI Marketing Manager

ToolTech is, in part, a product of the feedback we receive from the event attendees.  We use this feedback as we begin to plan next year’s ToolTech so we can make improvements to ensure that the event is productive and informative for all of the attendees.  All in all, a lot of hard work on the part of the Program Committee goes into planning ToolTech to make it a successful event.  We have compiled detailed information on the responses from the critiques and found the responses both helpful and interesting.  Read More

Big Things In Store for ETI and The Automotive Industry This Year
Ben Johnson, ETI President

I'm honored to be President of ETI this year, especially during such an exciting time in our industry and your industry association.

It is truly amazing to be part of the industry responsible for keeping vehicles on the road, as the complexity in those vehicles continues to increase with no end in sight.  10 years ago “hybrid” was a science project; now I see Chevy Volts, Toyota Prius’ and even Tahoe hybrids almost every day as I make my commute to work in my “clean diesel” vehicle.  Cars are better than ever at sensing imminent collisions and implementing countermeasures to minimize injuries to the passengers.  They are also “rolling offices”, assisting the connection of the occupants to their offices and contacts all while delivering multimedia entertainment for the kids.  Some even park and drive themselves.   Read More.

Industry Insights
Need For Auto Aftermarket Cooperation Highlighted at ETI ToolTech
Vehicle Service Pros

A host of representatives from across the aftermarket industry came together to share insights and concerns about the future of the aftermarket and its relationships with the OEMs during the recent Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI) 2013 ToolTech event, held at the Hyatt Mission Bay in San Diego.  ETI works to ensure tool and equipment manufacturers have what they need from the OEMs to make aftermarket tools available to automotive repair shops. The gathering included various aftermarket organizations that are recognizing the need to work together, given the challenges facing the industry.  Read More.

Akerson sees GM profits streaming from in-vehicle connections
Automotive News

DETROIT (Bloomberg) -- One of the first things Dan Akerson did as CEO of General Motors Co. in 2010 was dive into the automaker’s telecommunications business to get more profit from that in-car connection.

The former telecom executive wanted to know when GM could boost the speed of data services into its vehicles to 4G. More than 6 million customers in the U.S., Canada and China subscribe to OnStar, which provides diagnostic, directional and safety services through a 2G cellular service. He saw the chance for far more services than giving directions to lost drivers.  Read More.

I-CAR Unveils Keynote Speaker and Event Lineup for Inter-Industry Conference

I-CAR® announced today that Chrysler Group LLC Director of Regulatory Affairs, Reginald R. Modlin, will service as keynote speaker during the I-CAR Inter-Industry Conference in Boston. The conference will be dedicated to changing vehicle technology and Mr. Modlin will focus on the topics of CAFE compliance and impact on vehicle design, specifically lightweighting.   Read More.

Business Buzz

8 Things Productive People Do During the Workday

Forget about your job title or profession – everyone is looking for ways to be more productive at work. It’s time to set down your gallon-sized container of coffee, toss out your three-page to-do list, and put an end to those ridiculously long emails you’ve been sending.

Experiencing a highly productive workday can feel euphoric. But contrary to popular belief, simply checking tasks off your to-do list isn’t really an indication of productivity. Truly productive people aren’t focused on doing more things; this is actually the opposite of productivity. If you really want to be productive, you’ve got to make a point to do fewer things.   Read More.

There Are Only Four Jobs in the World

In a recent post I suggested that there are only four jobs in the world: Thinkers: these are the strategists, creators of new products, those that come up with big ideas and new ways of doing things.  Builders: these are the people who take these ideas and convert them into something tangible.  Improvers: these people improve whatever has been created and built, and make it better.  Producers: these are the people who deliver high quality products and services to the customer.   Read More.

30 Books To Make You A Better Business Leader

Every day it seems there’s new advice for how to better manage and grow your business. But who’s got time to filter through all the nonsense and actually digest the worthy information?

When you’re leading a business, even considering putting “reading” on your to-do list can be a challenge. No, I’m not talking about penciling in time for your favorite fiction novel. While it may seem hard to believe, the simple act of reading can provide you with an opportunity to expand your leadership and business knowledge. The end result: a positive transform for you and the business you lead.  Read More.

Wise Words
Sometimes the only exercise some people get is...jumping to conclusions, sidestepping responsibility, and pushing their luck...
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