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The Equipment and Tool Institute Announces Speakers for ToolTech 2012.

10 Apr 2012 10:14 AM | Deleted user

Equipment & Tool Institute
ToolTech 2012 Speaker Profiles

There is still time to register for ToolTech.  Go to for more info

Tuesday April 17, 2012 - NASTF General Meeting Talks

  1:30 PM

 Mark Warren Biography

 Rob Morrell

 Mark Warren

 Rob Morell


The challenges of bringing OEM quality training to independent import repair segment.  What's working and what can automakers do to make it even better?

  2:15 PM

 Tony Amigleo Biography

 Garret Delaney Bio

 Tony Amigleo

 Garrett Delaney

Worldwide Environmental Systems

Tony and Garrett will talk about I/M testing programs across the country with special emphasis on upcoming new California BAR requirements

3:00 PM

 Tony Mola Biography

 Tony Molla

ASE's Industry Education Alliance.  An idea to bring Automotive Youth Education Systems (AYES) type programs to the aftermarket.

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Wednesday April 18, 2012 - ETI Business Meeting Talks

8:00 AM


 Charlie Gorman

 Jessie Korosec

 Equipment & Tool Institute

ETI Business Meeting:

  • 2011 Financial Report
  • Officer and Board of Director election results and installation ceremony
  • Technical Committee Report
  • Marketing Committee Report

  9:10 AM

 Jeff Murphy Biography

 Jeff Murphy
RTI Technologies

Mr. Murphy will summarize the results of ETI's recent, in depth, air conditioning 
equipment survey study.

9:40 AM

 Gary Mackey Biography

  Gary Mackey
Associated Equipment

Mr. Mackey will summarize the results of ETI's recent, in depth, study regarding the repair industry's involvement with hybrid powertrains with specific emphasis on batteries and battery service equipment.

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Wednesday - ToolTech Sessions

10:00 AM

Charlie Gorman's Biography

 Brian Herron Biography

 Charlie Gorman

 Brian Herron

Charlie Gorman and Brian Herron will talk about ETI's Tooltech theme:

"OEM’s and The Aftermarket…A New Direction…Renewed Partnerships"

This will be a discussion about how the time is right for automakers to design and implement repair solutions that can be deployed across all segments of the automotive repair industry, dealerships and aftermarket alike. It will also cover how the aftermarket can help automakers successfully deliver and support these systems. 

Providing dealership level capability to independent shops using ETI member expertise in manufacturing, distribution and support can be profitable and increase automaker brand satisfaction.

  11:15 AM

 Bob Augustine Biography

Donny Seyfer Biography 

 Bob Augustine
Christian Bros.

 Donny Seyfer
Seyfer Automotive

Continuing with the ToolTech Theme, Bob Augustine and Donny Seyfer will talk about the use of OEM diagnostics tools in their businesses.  Bob Manages a chain of repair centers while Donny runs a family owned business with his father.  We will get to hear about what works, What could be better and what they would like the future to bring

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Thursday April 19, 2012- ToolTech Sessions

9:00 AM

Scott Bolt's Biography

 Scott Bolt
Mahle Test Systems

The history of vehicle diagnostic tool development has evolved from a widely varied and non uniform base of engineering information into a more organized and systematic approach.  Many OEMs are adopting global platforms for use in all regions along with standardized information that is provided to the Aftermarket.  Convergence of information, hardware, and even vehicle systems is becoming more evident each year.

This presentation outlines the challenges that face both the OEMs and the Aftermarket in handling this convergence of a rapidly expanding set of information.  Along with this convergence of systems, security sensitive information is permeating many more  ECUs resulting in aftermarket serviceability issues.

Several processes and solutions will be presented which can aid this transition.

  9:45 AM

 Greg Potter's Biography

 Greg Potter
DG Technologies

At the crux of much of the Right to Repair debate is the SAE J2534 specification.  This specification has been going through an overhaul that has taken several years to accomplish and is about ready to be published.  What will be different and what will be the impact on automakers and device manufacturers?  Greg will answer these and other questions in this presentation.

 10:30 AM

 Robert Vogt Biography

 Robert Vogt

Robert will talk about diagnostics via telematics, future connectivity standardization and adapting telematics to existing systems.  He will talk about what a universal Telematics gateway might look like from an OEM perspective including functionality and cost.

 11:15 AM

 Jason Baranen's Biography

 John C. Hall Biography

 Tom Brizuela Biagraphy

Jason Bartanen

John Hall
American Honda

 Tom Brizuela

This panel of collision repair experts will answer questions regarding the Automakers role in helping aftermarket collision repair facilities be successful.  For Example:

What are/were the determining factors that allow automakers to step into a larger role in the collision repair industry? On the I-CAR and Facility side what actions by the OEMs caused you change direction.

What steps have automakers taken regarding procedure, parts, education to increase support to the aftermarket?

What does the future hold regarding aftermarket support? Can you share any future programs or long term strategies with the audience?

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