About Summer Tech Week

For the past 36 years ETI has been conducting formal workshops held once a year with each automobile manufacturer featuring presentations, discussions, and participation in hands-on demonstrations.  These meetings have been grouped together into week long sessions known as Tech Weeks.  

Summer Tech Week started as a joint venture between ETI and the Automakers in the early 1980’s.  Automakers recognized the need for a forum to communicate new information and tool requirements to the manufacturers of tools and equipment that are used to service their vehicles.  The main focus of STW is to ensure that the proper tools, equipment, and information are in the shops by the time the new models hit the streets. 

ETI engineers and product managers meet with key individuals from GM, Ford, Chrysler and VW/Audi to discuss new systems and the tools and equipment that will be needed to service them.  Tech Weeks are the best time to ask the automakers questions about the data they provide making these meetings a significant benefit of ETI membership.

Many ETI member companies maintain that these meetings are just as important as the data that is provided by ETI through the TEK-NET Library.  Certainly, Tech Weeks are the best time to interact the automakers and learn about new models and systems.  It is also the right venue to find out what new safety features and procedures, as well as what ecological requirements, are recommended by each automaker so that ETI members can implement these features into their tools and equipment when necessary. 

ETI's Tech Weeks are a unique opportunity to build and strengthen relationships with key OEM personnel that can be very valuable to you and your company. As a product manager or engineer involved in product design that requires specific automaker information, these instructive workshops are priceless.

ETI members come to Tech Week for one purpose: to get information. What information they are looking for and what they do with it is not as obvious.  With such diverse product offerings, each company may use the information in a different way than any other.

ETI members that attend Summer Tech Week can:

  • Learn of new technologies that may be coming out.
  • Plan for those new technologies.
  • Gather information about servicing and repairing upcoming new models from the OEM’s.
  • Learn of repair and service tools that may be needed for the new models.

Summer Tech Week provides the automakers with an opportunity to:

  • Give instruction on the servicing and repair of their new models.
  • Discuss new technologies that may affect the aftermarket tool and equipment industry.
  • Share information regarding their vehicles to ensure that the industry has the necessary information to provide the needed tools and equipment.
  • Showcase their new launches and discuss any new tools or equipment that these new vehicles may require.


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