ToolTech Dates: April 25-27, 2017  
New Orleans, LA
NASTF Meeting April 24, 2017

Presentations/Speaker Sessions

Monday, April 24, 2017
NASTF General Meeting
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Tuesday, April 25, 2017
ETI Business Meeting
The findings of the ETI Whitepaper on the evolution in technology and service defining the key areas that are changing which will necessitate a need for our Member Companies to change along with it will be presented
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e Business Meeting Agenda

Keynote Speaker - Charles Marshall
The Seven Powers of Success™
How to harness, develop, and apply your Seven Powers™ to enrich every area of your life

Tired of waiting for your ship to come in? Maybe it’s time to grab a hammer and build a boat! In this hilarious and fun-packed presentation, Charles shows how implementation of The Seven Powers™ can create success in the life of any individual or organization. Through the use of humor and real-life examples, Charles relates inspirational stories of everyday underdogs who have used The Seven Powers™ to overcome obstacles and achieve success. The Seven Powers of Success™ is one of Charles’ most popular programs and is sure to be a hit with your crowd.
Charles Marshall is the founder and president of M Power Resources, a company dedicated to providing growth resources for business and individuals. He has over 20 years of full-time experience as a motivational speaker and comedian.  Charles Marshall is without a doubt one of the funniest and most original professional speakers providing corporate content today. Charles delivers personal development material packaged within a humorous light-hearted program that your crowd will be talking about for years to come.  He is the author of several books including: The Seven Powers of Success, Shattering the Glass Slipper, and I’m Not Crazy But I Might Be A Carrier. He also has produced and performed two full-length comedy videos, Fully Animated and I’m Just Sayin’!

Aftermarket View of Right to Repair
As we approach model year 2018 vehicles, automakers must meet the Right to Repair requirements regulated in Massachusetts and the national MOU. These requirements include repair information, tools, and pass-thru Diagnostics. This discussion will explore what solutions the automakers are offering and how the aftermarket is responding.

Ben Johnson, Mitchell 1
Aaron Lowe, Senior Vice President of Regulatory and Government Affairs, Auto Care Association

OEM Vehicle Technology Panel
Question and answer sessions with OEM Personnel on next-generation technologies, diagnostics, reprogramming, service readiness.

  Brian Herron, Drew Technologies

Bob Stewart, Customer Care and Aftersales, General Motors
Terence Vance, Asst. Manager - Electronic Service Systems, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Danny Uhls, Manager, Technical Information and Serviceability Aftersales, Nissan North America, Inc
Tu Tran, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Porsche Cars North America
David Stovall, Manager, Service Technology Diagnostics & Telematics, Toyota
Kurt Immekus, Service Compliance Specialist, Volkswagen Group of America

Insights from National Accounts, Franchisors, and Distributor Representatives
The National Accounts/Franchisor/Distributor panel will focus on the challenges we all experience on a daily basis and how collaboration and open dialog will drive future solutions in the aftermarket.  With the rapidly changing technology in today’s vehicles, it is vitally important that our industry partners anticipate and plan for the future in the development of products and services to support those advances.  As an association made up of tool and equipment manufacturers and service providers selling into the automotive aftermarket the insights of these industry leaders along with participation and engagement can lead to improving everyone’s bottom line and having better technicians and training in place to ensure that vehicles are repaired safely and correctly. 
The questions that will be presented to the panel will be centered on issues of industry profitability and how ETI member companies can assist in supplying and improving tools and equipment.

Kevin FitzPatrick
, Farsight
Bob Augustine, Technical Training Manager, Christian Brothers Automotive

Chris Chesney, Senior Director Customer Training, Carquest
George Hoffman, Sears Automotive
Rob Morrell, Worldpac
Bill Nuckols, Service Operations, CarMax Auto Superstores

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Industry Trends
What are the technologies vehicle manufacturers are investing in, and what are the key drivers for those technologies?  What about the Connected Car?  And where is the Autonomous Vehicle?  Which technologies are gaining traction, and which will be forgotten by next year?  In other words, which should I and my company be paying attention to so that we can deliver the goods needed to support them?  This discussion gives an overview of our industry and related topics as we explore technologies being developed and released across the globe.

Moderator:  Tim Morgan, Spanesi Americas
Speaker:  Ben Johnson, Director, Product Management, Mitchell 1

The Effect of Emerging Technologies on the Aftermarket
The business of servicing the modern motor vehicle has changed dramatically in the last decade.  The growing population of “connected vehicles”, ADAS-equipped vehicles and other new technologies could create more dramatic changes.  
Following the industry overview of technologies both in place and near-term, this panel of experts from various areas within the vehicle service industry will share their insights about technologies and the impacts those technologies will have on our industry.With representatives from diagnostic tool companies, national account service providers and independent service providers, this is a “can’t miss” panel!
derator:  Ben Johnson, Mitchell 1

Mike Curtis, Manager of Automotive Service, Sears Automotive
Mohan Sethi, Business Development Manager
, MAHLE Aftermarket Inc.
Robert Vogt, CEO, IOSiX

Heavy Duty Manufacturer Right to Repair Presentation

This session will feature a presentation based on input from HD manufacturers regarding R2R and what they are doing to meet the requirements.  Heavy Duty OEM tools and the changing commercial vehicle repair market, diagnostic software and special service tool availability, and the OEM, fleet and aftermarket perspectives.  Heavy Duty OEM’s continue to make progress in providing OEM dealer essential tools to their fleet customers and the aftermarket. This session focuses on the progress made toward availability of OEM repair tools (software and hardware) for fleets and the aftermarket since the announcement of the Right to repair MOU. Additional topics will include new and future trends in commercial vehicle repair.
Ken DeGrant, Drew Technologies

Thursday, April 27, 2017
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Panel

With the continued evolution of electronic integration into what were once purely mechanical components and/or systems, the awareness of inspection, communication, diagnosis and even self-diagnosis becomes more relevant to equipment and tool manufacturers, as well as to the aftermarket shops and technicians investing in and using those products.  Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are important gateways to the autonomous vehicle development that propels our industry forward.  Please join us with your thoughts and questions for an informative discussion of ADAS technology that is changing the manner in which service, diagnostics and repair procedures are executed.
Robert Vogt, IOSiX

Craig Smith, Research Director of Transportation Security, Rapid7
Kaleb Silver, Senior Product Manager, Product Management, Hunter Engineering Company

Collision Technology Update and Pre and Post Repair Scanning Panel
With the increased use of electronic driver safety systems such as lane departure warning systems, blind spot detection, and forward looking cameras for crash avoidance, and automatic cruise control not only is a pre and post scan needed to make sure they are operational and communicating properly, but also recalibration and/or aiming and reinitializing these systems are critical to an effective and safe repair. We will discuss OBDII Scanning and the explore the best path forward.

Moderator:  Bob Holland, Chief Automotive Technologies
Chris Tobie, Product Support Coordinator, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Danny Uhls, Manager, Technical Information and Serviceability Aftersales, Nissan North America, Inc.
Tom Bertosa, Principle Engineer, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions
Brian Herron, President, Drew Technologies
David Rich, Technical Director, INNOVA
Dennis Williamson, Manager, Snap-on Diagnostics

Jason Bartanen, Director, Industry Technical Relations, I-CAR

Connected Car/Telematics/Cybersecurity Panel
This session will explore the dynamic field of automotive telematics and the associated cyber security aspects. We will have experts from the OEM’s and Aftermarket talk of their offerings, discuss the challenge of security and look to the future for standards development in this field.

Greg Potter, The Equipment and Tool Institute


Tim Weisenberger, Project Manager, Technical Programs, Ground Vehicle Standards at SAE and former Senior Consultant at US DOT Volpe Center

William Whyte, Chief Scientist, Security Innovation. V2V / V2I communications security and cryptography expert
Bob Stewart, GM - Customer Care and Aftersales, GM's connected car overview


The Science Of Silence: Can You Hear Your Body Talking?


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