woolman.jpgLynn F. Woolman was a company representative of Allen Electric on the War Production Board and a funding member of the Institute. Upon his retirement from Allen Electric in 1949, he then became the first Executive Manager of the Equipment and Tool Institute and served in that capacity until he retired from that position in 1964 to become an Honorary Committeeman.

proven jack.jpgJohn A. (Jack) Proven was also a member of the War Production Board,representing the Sterling Tool Products Company, and a founding member of ETI. He left the tool industry in 1959 to form his own association management firm. Following Lynn Woolman’s retirement,Jack was named Executive Manager of ETI in 1964, and he served in that capacity until his death in February 1975.

proven donn.jpgDonn R. Proven was the first Field Secretary for ETI and joined as a member of Jack Proven’s staff in 1964. He served as overall coordinator of all outside member services, and was the staff member who worked on the creation of the first vertical group. Don was named Executive Manager of ETI in 1975. We have learned the lessons of the past, we live in the present and our eyes are on the future of the automotive equipment and tool industry.

lawrence.jpgJim Lawrence served as Executive Manager from 1999 to 2003. Jim spent 16 years as Manager, Technical Legislation at Volvo Trucks North America. Before that, he was the Manager of Safety and Environmental Engineering with White Motor Corporation. He has been a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers including Truck and Bus Council Chair; CVEO Executive Committee Chair; and a member of the Technical Standards Board.

gorman.jpgCharlie Gorman, the present Executive Manager is most recently from Snap-on Diagnostics where he was the Director of Emissions Programs. He is well known for his volunteer efforts to promote government/industry cooperatives as agencies seek to enforce and manage emissions legislation and regulations. In 1998 he was awarded the prestigious "ETI Founders Award" for rebuilding the Institute's technical group structure so that it would be better aligned with accepted automotive industry standards and trends.

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